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We live in a time in history that affords us the luxury of being able to weave for the sheer joy, relaxation, and satisfaction of it. My goal for you, in all my classes, is to give you a solid foundation of good techniques and confident understanding of all aspects of weaving so that you can be fearless and let your creativity sing.

Beginning 4 Shaft Weaving

This class is taught in a minimum of 6 full days. Feeling completely comfortable with the warping (setting up the loom) process is what keeps weavers weaving! Each student will dress the loom three times (repetition being the sealer of knowledge). The first two warps will be samplers in which we will "play in the mud," working on good techniques, studying color interplay, learning about different fibers, experimenting, and figuring warp and weft material amounts. We will learn weaving terminology, how to read drafts, do drawdowns, and plan projects. The third warp is a project of your choice. $10 Materials Fee/person.

Warping Back to Front

Learning more than one way to warp just adds more tools to your toolbox. One method may be better for a particular circumstance than another. Warping back to front is my favorite method, and particularly good for long warps or warps that have many fine threads and or dense setts. I have hybridized my method, making it easier (I think) than many of the more traditional methods. A One Day class, it can be given as a Two Day class to include an introduction or review of pattern reading and drafting as well as weaving techniques. $10 Materials Fee/person.

Rag Weaving Workshop

Using fabric as weft makes for a sturdy cloth and very fast weaving! The results make great rugs, mats, bags, and even clothing. We'll discuss various and efficient methods of preparing fabric for weaving as well as manipulating color and pattern to achieve different effects. Each warp will produce six placemat sized samples of different technique and or color manipulation. Floor looms are recommended. Three Day class. $10 Materials Fee/person.

What Can I Do With a Draft?

Using Overshot as a medium, students will explore pattern structure and drafting. The goal is to be able to look at a draft and determine if the pattern is suitable for the materials, the desired finished product and how to expand, contract or otherwise customize the design. We will also consider ways to create original drafts. Using a variety of materials, students will weave samples of various overshot patterns, reimagining the possibilities of an old weave structure. This is a “Next Step” class meant to give fairly new weavers the confidence and understanding of the correlation between threading, tie-ups and treadling: to look at any pattern and feel confident that they can weave it. Three Day class. $20 Materials Fee/person.

Design Tools: Profiles & Blocks

What is a profile draft, how do I use it, and when and why would I want to use it? We will learn how to read them, when they are handy, and which weave structures can be plugged into them. We will also look at what constitutes a block in weaving and how to use them in designing original drafts. This is a round robin class. Three Day class. $15 Materials Fee/person.

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  • $300 for half day (3 hours)

  • $500 per day (6 hours) A full day class is 9 am - 4 pm with a lunch break.

  • $200 for 1 - 1.5 hour presentation/program.

  • All transportation, lodging, and meals are provided by the hosts. I am an easy guest and enjoy staying with a member of the guild. I have no food or animal allergies. I would like my own bedroom and bathroom, please.

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