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TEMARI or Japanese "handball" was adopted by the Japanese in the 7th century from the Chinese and over time turned into an art form. Previously a way to make children's toys out of recycled clothing, it has become an ornament of beautiful embroidery given as gifts of good luck and well wishes. Temari is a wonderful way to play with and experiment with color.

4 Division Temari

A 4 Division Temari is the simplest design base. All Temari begin their designs based on the geometric division of the ball. This is an excellent introductory to Temari as the division is easy and all the embroidery stitches can be done in any division. Some of the designs include Spindles, Swirls, God's Eyes, and others. $10 Materials Fee/person.

8 Division Temari

As the number of divisions on a ball increase, so do the complexity of designs increase. Eight divisions allow for many popular designs including Sunflower, a simple Arrow, Friendship Chains, Polystar, Rose, Triplets, and others. The embroidery stitches remain constant regardless of the number of divisions. It is easy to add additional divisions divisible by four, going onto 16, 24, and so on. $10 Materials Fee/person.

5, 6, 7, 10, 12 and 15 Division Temari

These divisions tend to be a little trickier to set up, but once mastered allow for many different and lovely designs. Some of these include Arrows, Chrysthanemums, Stars, Baskets, Sunflowers, Swirls, Trefoils, and others. $10 Materials Fee/person.

Complex Divisions

Complex divisions divide the ball not only into hemispheres but turn the ball on its axis and add additional divisions. Once the basic divisions are understood, it is not a terribly difficult leap to add complex and double divisions. These designs I would classify as intermediate. $10 Materials Fee/person.

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A single design can be taught in a half day (3-4 hours). A few of the more complex designs take a whole day (6 hours). Multiple designs can be taught in one, two or three-day workshops. A number of possibilities are possible, including obi treatments.

  • Half Day is $300

  • Full Day is $500

  • 1 - 1.5 hour presentation/program is $200.

  • I provide the materials needed for a class. I bring threads to sell for future projects.

  • All transportation, lodging, and meals are provided by the hosts. I am an easy guest and enjoy staying with a member of the group. I have no food or animal allergies. I would like my own bedroom and bathroom, please.

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